Wendy Gough
February 25, 2015

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer Julia as a hairdresser and friend for 10 years. She was originally training at a salon I frequented, RaDigi. When I couldn't get in with my stylist one day, ​he suggested the lovely Jennifer. Being in a rush, I somewhat reluctantly agreed.

Immediately, her warm, bright personality and beautiful smile made my visit​ ​a wonderful time. When she was done with my color and cut, I was STUNNED that this young woman not only​ ​added cheer to my day, but possessed an extraordinary talent. The color and the cut were absolute perfection. I do not say​ ​this lightly or easily. Having worked as a model around the world, my hair had been done by the best stylists

From that day forward I was hooked. I followed her to her salon in Clarence, even though I lived an hour away. All these years later, she is still the one I trust and depend on to turn out perfect hair, time after time.​ ​I have referred many people to her and every one of them is always amazed. We are so lucky to have her here, as she ​is ​certainly of the caliber of a top salon in NYC or Paris.​

Becky Scamurra
February 25, 2015

Jen Julia is a beautiful young woman with a kind and loving heart. She also happens to be an amazing hair stylist & colorist. Jen stays current with the latest trends in cuts and color, always looking to better her craft by attending educational sessions in New York and Toronto. It is a pleasure having her work on my hair because I know it will look great. Jens open & friendly personality creates the whole package.

Jeff Kosicki
February 25, 2015

I have known Jennifer for nearly 10 years and over the course of that time she has gone from the cheerful, bubbly, excited girl-that-cut-my-hair to someone that I call an amazing friend. I have witnessed Jen grow both personally and professionally during this time, have encountered numerous clients (myself included) of hers who have had nothing but accolades to say not only about Jennifer's creativity and professionalism, but her personality as well. Jen has knack for really getting to know her clients, puts her heart and soul into her work, going above and beyond the call of duty in and out of the salon. Jen goes out of her way to ensure her clients' expectation are exceeded, and it clearly shows in the final product. Having your hair cut and styled is a very personal thing and with the number of clients that Jen continues to serve it is only proof that she her trust, creativity, personal touch and professionalism are some of the best in Buffalo.